Incubator Up-cycling - Why?

CaBaMa joins different types of product types together to form a wonderful cashback concept that can achieve amazing results for people worldwide.

But not every product is the same, and not everyone has the same budget for buying or investing.

That’s why the heart at the heart of CaBaMa, we have the ‘incubator chain’.


The Incubator chain in fed by multiple other customer chains. And it’s sole purpose is to turn tiny commission streams into small profit centers working as a hive of bees to generate new cashback nodes in the customer chains.

The purpose of the ‘incubator chain’ is to support the generation of cashback nodes for all individuals without the necessity for growth in products, people or capital.

The monthly stream of commission revenue across all participating prodviders is partly activated to grow the cashback matrix in ways that are separate from direct activities in the marketplace.

In the long run, this ensures a matrix growth for every customer participating from any provider!


The cashback generated by the Incubator chain are saved up in the Up-cycle wallet.

When this walet is filled, according to a fixed flow, new cashback nodes are created in the customer chain V.


All nodes work as one bee hive.

Generating €25 nodes in customer chain V with incrementts of €5. So when one node is full, the next one will be triggered once €5 is generated in the up cycling wallet.