The Customer Chain

The CashBack Matrix is an algorithmic calculation module that’s based on the natural law of fibonacci.

In the absolute sense of the word the fibonacci algorithm is used to calculate the distribution of the cashback throughout the members of all cashback eligible partners.

But to elaborate, the intricacies of the fibonacci matrix is much more complex that the first sight would trigger.

The customer chain is the client-facing cashback system.

And we’re going to explain it a bit more here.

The Clustering Effect

This is an optimisation of the client’s participation in CBM.

Each product, as participated by the clients, is distributed through the cashback matrix at preset manner.

The optimisation, if we go into the technical aspect, a binary implementation into a fibonacci distribution structure.

Distribution optimisation is only a beneficial on a personal basis. Where the speed of fill-up is impacted, not the eventual effect of the fill-up.

Every matrix will eventually be filled to its completion. Only, how fast it’s filled and the “activity vs reward” ratio is optimised.

Other Customers

The CashBack Matrix is specifically created as a sharing economy. It’s not for everyone. It’s not for egocentrically minded people.

The essence of the sharing system is to build a democratic micro-economy where each client’s cashback is redistributed thrughout the existing distributed client-base.