Integrity Account

The integrity of the cash back matrix is paramount. That’s why CashBackMatrix invests continuously into the various integrity accounts.

CaBaMa sets up in-house stable trading accounts to fill up vacant nodes in the matrix that would otherwise leave a hole in the matrix integrity.

It is important to note that if a customer decides to return to the cashback matrix after having retracted their product from it first. They will receive a new position in the matrix at the bottom of their automated placement positions.

An intelligent systems to monitor matrix integrity

Compression of the matrix

If a customer or a product is retracted from the matrix for any reason, the system will detect it and take action.

Retraction of nodes without fill-up

Nodes are all deleted and cleared for future fill-up form a new product in the matrix.

Retraction of nodes with fill-up

Retracted nodes are assigned to system. System allocates capital to the nodes to ensure continuity in fill-up.

Retraction of nodes with partial fill-up

Retracted nodes without fill-up are deleted, and the ones with fill-up are re-allocated to ‘system’.

Fraud detection

CaBaMa has taken the necessary measures to make the cash back matrix as fraud-proff as possible. Nevertheless, we will always remain vigilant regarding miss-use of matrix nodes.

The fraud-detection systems will continuously be updated to prevent wise-guys from trying to ‘crack the code’.