The ultimate stability feature

For some type of products connected to the cashback matrix, volatility in the global economy can mean a downturn.
If CaBaMa wants to run the cashback matrix as a stable platform we need to make sure we take all measures necessary to ensure continuity.
That can only be achieved by going deep and looking for worse-case scenarios. Or even as they are called, black swan event scenarios.

Corporate support account

Solely for this purpose, CaBaMa is running a Corporate Support Account.

It’s not a fix-all solution to any eventuality, but i will provide solace in catastrophic scenarios.

Where a product is no longer able to fill the node due to a structual failure, the support account will take over that task either completely or fractionally depending on the size of the support account.

Again, don’t see this as a magic solution, but more of a support to the best of its ability for as long as it is needed.