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Passive residual income

CBM combines programs that offer a steady stream of income derived from predominantly automated economic activities.

These are carefuly selected to siturated in economic sectors that are the cornerstone of the capitalist economy.

From Debt-based economy to sharing economy

World leader today face one of the biggest challenges ever for humanity.

Whereas in the previous century innovation spawned massive growth and consequently massive job and wealth creation, in the new economic reality innovation is focused on automation and redundance.

But what about the people. How can the global economic model still provide for those who are left out in the cold.

A paradigm shift of proportions needs to occur to move humanity into the next age.

Humanity, wake up!

Humanity is one!

We live in an age where dogma dictates our way of life. Bound by monetary debt creation, we live in a state of constent stress.

Stress triggers our body's panic response, and makes our immunesystem where we can grow as humans.

Slowly but surely, we are waking up to a reality that life is not about the pursuit of money.

A legacy of our future

Do we want to teach our children collectively that the reason for living is money, material property, being the best a everything...

Or can teach our children the true values of life, love and soul.

If we don't need to focus on cold hard currency, we can make room in our lives for more important things.

The power of ONE

You have the power to make a difference